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About us

The area of specialization of Jadan Construction in Kathmandu is managing and overseeing construction projects.The trusting relationships we've fostered with our clients serve as the cornerstone of our reputation .From project planning to project completion, we provide top-notch, cost-effective service to provide our clients value for their money. All of our construction projects are built with earthquake resistance in mind, and we continue to be responsive to our clients' demands even after the project is finished.Taking care of both our clients and employees, we are a trustworthy and ethical construction company that adheres to engineering standards and ethics.The Jadan Construction Team is made up of skilled and knowledgeable civil engineers, architects, graphic designers, supervisors, electricians, plumbers, and masons that are capable of designing and building your dream home or structure. With the combined technological expertise, we are capable of timely delivery with quality results, never compromising in dignity and integrity of our client’s needs.

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Our Mission

  • To convert the leading construction company in Nepal.
  • To recognized the most ideal choice by completing value-added projects on schedule and at the highest standard.
  • To lunch environment friendly design and help to adaptation.
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Our Vision

  • To become Nepal's leading construction company while delivering projects for the growth of infrastructure and the residential and commercial sectors.
  • To advance the most professional and trustworthy construction company in Nepal.
  • To consistently provide outstanding value & creative construction solutions to meet our customer necessity.

Managing Director's message

Mr. Sushil Kumar Karki
Mr. Sushil Kumar Karki

In current case scenario of rapid urbanization in developing countries like Nepal , where there is the optimum chances of severe damages from earthquakes we in JADAN understand that meeting our customer's requirement with optimum safety is essential to the success of our organization. We can say that the years we experienced in the past are significant years and it is clearly seen that we have intensively delivery our best performance to focus on customer satisfaction. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our valuable customers, reliable dealers and suppliers. Besides, I would like to make a special mention of our staffs’ enthusiastic contribution in establishing our organization. The one thing I would like to present is that our leadership is a result of our employees. They have clearly made JADAN one of the outstanding organizations. We know our highly trained architects, engineers and site workers apply their specialized knowledge to reliably and efficiently produce high quality service.

Executive Director's message

Mr. Simon Maharjan
Mr. Simon Maharjan

Our Vision Be a market leader and provide reliable services to our valued customers in Nepal . Our Mission To be fully satisfied, reliable and supportive quality works with the excellence service to customers. To Our Customers We fully support the customers who want to prefer quality works and get quality service with less hassle . To Our Supplier In today's competitive environmet,we co-operate and hope to get the mutual benefit for each.We are daily doing best effort to get more market share with a competitive edge year by year by year and bulid to have a reliable brand image on the market. To Our Staff We create better working environment by fair treatment,team work approach,opportunity for growth and developement of thier career.We want our people to practice good attitude and have a strong responsibility in any occasion.

Frequently asked questions.

It doesn't matter if its the plans and details provided by us or other technical persons as long as the designs are approved from concerned authorities. In order for us to provide you with an accurate estimate or quotation for a renovation or new build, we would require a set of plans drawn up by an architect. Unfortunately we do not offer “Guestimates”. We are more than willing to direct you to an architect with great references to help you design your dream home. 😊

We work with the standard Engineering, procurement and construction Agreement in which we mention the Defect Liability Period (DLP) . This contract is under the Muluki Dewani Samhita of Government of Nepal valid under the jurisdiction of court of Kathmandu valley . 😊

When working with Jadan Construction you are covered by the fact that all materials are approved by QC officer and the installers offer full and comprehensive guarantees. 😊

Jadan Construction have been in the construction business since 2021. 😊

Jadan Construction have been involved with the construction, maintenance, preservation and repair, of hundreds of buildings and homes. 😊

Jadan Construction specializes in the building of new upmarket residential homes in Kathmandu city and surrounding areas. Jadan Construction is also involved with the renovation of commercial and residential properties. 😊

We are a boutique building company. We don’t want to be the biggest construction company in Nepal; we want to be the best. We only take on a certain number of projects at any given time, as we believe that our product is worth the wait. We strive to handle every job we undertake with fanatical attention to consistency and detail. Our no 1 core value is service to the customer above all else. 😊

We offer different solutions in this regard including: Solar panels, heat pumps, energy saving lights etc. We also work with architects that design homes specifically with specific energy saving features in mind, that take full advantage of all natures elements to create a home that is environmentally friendly and “off the grid”. 😊