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Everything You Need To Know – Building Your Home

Everything You Need  To Know – Building Your Home

Adequate shelter for all people is still a challenge for developing countries like NEPAL, with that on horizon the dream of owning house to low-income and middle-income families is becoming a real difficulty.

Kathmandu- the so-called heart of the country where most people wants to build their dream house which is in fact- lifetime goal for many families, people invest all their saving earned through blood, sweat and tears. We believe each one of us has to be more cautious while exploring the best option while building your home. Hence one should have adequate knowledge in order to refrain oneself from the possible consequences.

Being involved in the residence construction industry for more than four years we thought of compiling few important things before deciding upon to move forward with their building :

Selecting the right contractor/company

Most construction service is not satisfactory as it claims for various reason. Especially after the devastating earthquake, the government of Nepal has made it mandatory for every certified construction professional to enroll in training programs about earthquake resistant buildings. However, this has not been in practice for a very long time.

“Choosing the right building contractor means completing 90% of the task successfully while constructing a house.” To sum up determining the right contractor has to be first and foremost action to be carried out so as to achieve the outcome up to the standard.

Floor Planning of House

Beyond doubts there are lots of important things to consider when building a home — such as the location, the style of home— but the floorplan will have the biggest impact on our daily life as it is going to be living space for rest of our life.

For the purpose of achieving the dream house we have to be clear in our head regarding the requirement of rooms and other facilities to be considered while keeping in mind of the future too. Floor plans need be fit in our lifestyle, versatile and spacious. Poorly planned structure will prove a failure in future .

Budgeting Wisely

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

– Dave Ramsey

Considering the fact of lifetime investment is made in order to construct a house budgeting plays a vital role. Splurging rather than investing on asset can never be a deal breaker. Hence while estimating the required cost for building a house we need to work with an experienced and skillful professional to get satisfactory outcome. They will help to get an idea about costing and plan accordingly to complete the project efficiently.

Experienced Technical Team/ Architect and Engineer

There is a big misconception among the people that builders and right material is enough to build to house which is not deniable but strong, aesthetically pleasing houses cannot be build in a blink of eye, it needs vision. For this owner are required to consult with the experienced architect and engineer to guide them through the entire project till it gets accomplished.

Jadan Construction Group will not just create the design, proceed with the drafting and prepare the material for you. We guarantee you that we will work on actualizing your dream.

Selecting right and durable material

Although it is often overlooked in process of building, selecting the right and durable material will surely save you from future overspending, frustrations and disappointments.

Building construction is not only about structuring. Selection of right and durable material enhances the beauty of structure and helps achieving highest possible standard which includes plastering, flooring, pantry, facing and glazing.

Jadan Construction Group- Best Construction Company in Nepal is one of the leading building solution offers the right solution to your construction needs. Your dream is our ambition.

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